A video walk-through of the full experience. Intended for VR headset usage, with one hand controlling a directional pad for movement. Each stage designed by one of a four person team. 


Built in Unreal Engine 4






DMT is a drug with a heavy shroud of curiosity around it- a short but intense trip said to arouse similar chemicals in the brain as during the event of death. Inside the journey there is an moment of total abstraction of the real world, with the eventuality of slowly returning to a recognizable state of being.

How can video game engines like UnrealEngine4 paired with virtual reality hardware be used to achieve a similar experience?

Inspired by James Turrell, among others, these four levels were created as way to move between four "stages of abstraction" to eventually land the audience back on their living room couch. 



My work was primarily focused on the first level, which is a world created only by white panels and colored lighting, free of any rendered textures or sunlight effects. 

All moving objects were animated in Cinema 4D and imported into Unreal with their motion assets already in place. 

All lighting comes from arrays of point lights with varying colors, often sandwiched between planes to create glowing edges. There is little to no direct lighting, though Unreal's camera is able to keep direct light without significant glare in the frame. 

The final level was taken from the marketplace, with minor modifications.