burning man: dinosaur head

I was asked by mechanical engineers Alex Kensil and his partner Jesse Staub to collaborate on a project for burning man to act as the central feature of their camp for summer 2016. I was responsible for conceptual design, 3D modeling, and eventually construction documents for the 185 constituent triangular frames. The frames were individually skinned according to a specific coloring pattern, and connected with hose-clamps to erect the 30' long enclosure.

Internally, there is are additional frames (photo 2, in orange) to give the structure depth, much in the way a truss works. The round of the skull was generated from a geodesic dome (photo 3, in blue), so they are all have the same dimensions.

The close collaboration with Alex and Jesse, along with a senior engineer from their firm, gave me valuable lessons in structure and stability, as well as ease of construction and preventing crowd-caused destruction via intentional design.